Is Sober Living Free?

Sober living environments are supportive housing programs for people in addiction recovery. They often include support groups, 12-step meetings, and specific house rules. Though these programs generally cost money, some qualifying individuals may access sober living housing for free.

Is Sober Living Free?

Sober living homes provide an excellent option for people in the early stages of their addiction recovery. 

For example, somebody who has recently graduated from an addiction treatment program may wish to stay in a sober living environment for continued peer support. 

Sober living homes are not generally free but often cost less than the average rent, and some people may qualify for free sober living arrangements, depending on their circumstances. 

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living homes are also called sober living houses, sober living facilities, or recovery residences. 

They are drug-free, supportive environments designed for people in early recovery from drug addiction. 

Some sober living environments are communal houses, while others are condos or apartment buildings. 

Short-term sober living programs are sometimes called “halfway houses,” because they serve as a transitional point between substance abuse treatment and independent housing. 

In some cases, addiction treatment programs have on-site sober living homes as a form of aftercare. 

Who Can Stay In Sober Housing?

Generally speaking, a person can stay in a sober living environment if they are committed to a drug-free and alcohol-free life. 

Many sober homes require their residents to have attended a recovery program, but some may be available for any person who wants to continue their recovery journey. 

Some sober homes are for people who are currently receiving treatment services, such as outpatient treatment

Residents are expected to follow the house rules, which can vary from one location to the next. 

Some common house rules include: 

  • submitting to regular or randomized drug testing 
  • adhering to a curfew 
  • attending house meetings 
  • participating in a 12-step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous 

Who Might Qualify For Free Sober Living Housing?

Block grants, scholarships, and state funding allow some people to stay in sober living homes or halfway houses for free. 

Qualifications for free housing may vary. For example, you may qualify for free or reduced-cost sober living if you make a low income, are unhoused, or have a specific disability. 

Some programs may offer free sober living services for single mothers, people recovering from intravenous drug use, or other specific demographics. 

How To Reduce The Cost Of Sober Living

If you do not qualify for free sober living housing, you may still reduce your housing costs in the same way you might reduce the cost of attending a treatment center. 

Some options include paying for sober living with your health insurance coverage, including Medicaid, and asking about payment plans. 

Find Addiction Treatment Options 

Drug and alcohol addiction are difficult mental health disorders, but treatment facilities are available to help. 

If you or a loved one are experiencing a substance use disorder, contact Free Rehab Centers today to discover treatment options. 

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