How To Use Tricare For Addiction Treatment

People can use Tricare insurance to cover the costs associated with a drug rehab program. Treatment services covered by Tricare include detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient services.

How To Use Tricare For Addiction Treatment

Tricare is a federally run health insurance company for some veterans, active-duty military members, retired ex-military personnel, and their eligible family members.

People with substance use disorders can use their Tricare health plan to pay for a majority of the costs associated with substance abuse treatment. 

Tricare health insurance for addiction recovery may cover treatment services such as medical detox, behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis care, and other evidence-based therapies. 

How Tricare Insurance Plans Can Be Used For Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Tricare insurance currently serves over nine million active or retired military personnel around the globe. Tricare plans cover an array of healthcare services, including behavioral health treatment.

Some of the most popular Tricare health plans include:

  • Tricare Prime: This plan offers coverage in certain regions in the United States considered “prime” locations. 
  • Tricare Prime Remote: This is a managed care option available in remote areas of the U.S. 
  • Tricare Standard and Extra: This plan requires a fee, but does not require enrollment for beneficiaries to receive care.  
  • Tricare for Life: Tricare for Life is a Medicare option that provides added help for people on Medicare Part A and B plans. 
  • Tricare Retired Reserve: This health plan provides premium coverage for retired service members under the age of 60 and their families. 
  • Tricare Reserve Select: This premium-based plan is available worldwide and is designed for qualified Reserve members and their families. 
  • Tricare Young Adult: Tricare Young Adult provides services to adult children who otherwise do not qualify for Tricare coverage. 

Not all medical insurance plans will cover 100% of addiction treatment costs and may require beneficiaries to pay annual enrolled fees and network copays. 

Full coverage only occurs for select treatment providers that are approved by the company. In-network rehab centers have pricing agreements with Tricare to keep costs low.

People who attend an in-network addiction treatment facility will pay a small out-of-pocket fee, whereas out-of-network providers may incur a 15% fee on top of the cost of treatment.

Addiction Treatment Services Covered By Tricare

The following substance use disorder treatment services may be covered by Tricare. 

Treatment options that Tricare covers may include:

Tricare only covers treatment plans that are deemed medically necessary and backed by science. Holistic therapies and other unproven treatments may not be covered. 

Who Qualifies For Substance Abuse Treatment Using Tricare Insurance Coverage?

Benefits and plans through Tricare will vary depending on a person’s beneficiary category. 

Types of beneficiaries include:

  • active duty service members and families
  • National Guard members
  • retired service members
  • retired Reserve members and families
  • survivors 
  • children
  • former spouses
  • Medal of Honor recipients
  • dependent parents
  • Foreign Force members and their families

To learn more about Tricare eligibility requirements, potential clients can visit the website or call a Tricare representative.  

Questions To Consider Before Enrolling In A Rehab Program Using Tricare Insurance

Below are some of the questions to consider before choosing a recovery center using Tricare.

Questions may include:

  • What level of care is offered at the treatment center?
  • Does the rehab facility provide treatment for mental health disorders?
  • Are there certain therapeutic services that Tricare will not cover?
  • What happens if I can’t afford my deductibles and copayments?

Find An Addiction Treatment Program Using Tricare Health Insurance Today

For more information regarding drug treatment services covered by Tricare, call our helpline today. 

Our team can answer your questions and assist you or your loved ones in finding a drug and alcohol rehab facility.

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