Priority Health Insurance: Does It Cover Drug Rehab?

People can utilize Priority Health insurance plans for substance use disorder treatment. The overall cost will depend on the level of coverage, the location of the treatment center, and other factors.

Priority Health Insurance: Does It Cover Drug Rehab?

Many people avoid substance abuse treatment due to the steep costs. That’s why health insurance programs such as Priority Health are essential in making treatment affordable.

Priority Health is a nonprofit insurance company in Michigan that offers quality,  community-based healthcare options.

People may use their Priority Health insurance to cover addiction treatment services such as inpatient rehab programs, outpatient treatment, detoxification, and more. 

How To Use Priority Health Insurance For Substance Use Treatment

If you have health insurance benefits through Priority Health you can receive an array of behavioral health services, including evidence-based and holistic therapy. 

The extent of the coverage you receive will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of plan you have and where the substance abuse treatment facility is located. 

Types of insurance plans through Priority Health include:

  • health maintenance organizations (HMOs): When using an HMO plan, a client must receive care from an in-network provider.
  • preferred provider organizations (PPOs): PPO plans allow policyholders to receive care out-of-network, but will also carry higher out-of-pocket costs.
  • point of service plans (POS): A POS plans provide the most flexibility, as they allow members to choose both in-network and out-of-network treatment providers. 

In addition to these three categories, you can also enroll in government-funded programs through Priority Health such as Medicaid and Medicare. 

These types of insurance plans are for people aged 65 and over, people with fewer financial means, pregnant women, and disabled people. 

Addiction Treatment Programs Covered By Priority Health Plans

Health plans through Priority Health divide substance abuse treatment into inpatient and outpatient treatment. 

To get the highest level of coverage possible, you may need to get prior authorization from a healthcare provider to prove the medical necessity of drug and alcohol treatment. 

Priority Health may cover addiction treatment for Michigan residents such as:

Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Rehab Facility Using Priority Health

Before selecting a treatment facility using an insurance plan, there are several questions to consider asking a representative from Priority Health. 

Commonly asked questions include:

  • What types of addiction treatment programs does Priority Health insurance cover?
  • Can I attend a free rehab center with a Priority Health plan?
  • Will the length of treatment affect my out-of-pocket costs?
  • What happens if I can’t afford my deductible or copay?
  • Do I have to seek a referral from my primary care provider before Priority Health will pay for services?
  • Will prescription drugs be covered under my plan?
  • What are the specific health benefits of my insurance policy?
  • How much is my co-insurance?
  • Can the amount of coverage I have change if I seek out-of-network medical care?
  • Does my plan cover loved ones in need of addiction treatment? 

Find A Drug And Alcohol Rehab Program Using Priority Health Today

Call our helpline today to learn more about using Priority Health insurance for a drug and alcohol rehab program. Our team can assist you in finding a recovery center that works for you.

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