Cigna Insurance Coverage For Drug Rehab

Cigna is a global health services company that offers a wide range of plans that include medical, mental health, and substance use treatment benefits. Depending on your plan benefits, Cigna health insurance may be used to help cover the cost of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.

Cigna Insurance Coverage For Drug Rehab

Cigna is a global health insurance company with health benefits plans that can help families affected by addiction pay for a drug or alcohol rehab program for themselves or a loved one.

Cigna health insurance may help cover:

  • detoxification (detox)
  • inpatient rehab
  • residential treatment
  • outpatient treatment
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • recovery support groups
  • aftercare

Over 180 families in 30 countries have Cigna health insurance. If you or a loved one wishes to use Cigna insurance to pay for drug rehab, here is what you need to know.

Does Cigna Cover Drug And Alcohol Abuse Treatment?

The short answer is: Yes. Cigna health plans do offer coverage for substance use disorder treatment services, including inpatient rehab, counseling, and other types of treatment services.

Rehab coverage through Cigna can vary, based on your individual plan, or that of your family member, as well as personal details related to your behavioral health history and drug use.

What Factors Can Affect Your Rehab Coverage With Cigna?

Various personal factors, as well as factors related to your insurance coverage, can affect your eligibility for rehab coverage and the amount of coverage you are able to receive.

What factors can affect your Cigna drug rehab coverage:

  • timely premium payments
  • meeting deductible requirements
  • copays/coinsurance as outlined in your plan
  • type of Cigna plan you have
  • type of drug rehab program/treatment service
  • medical necessity (as determined by a healthcare provider)
  • chosen rehab center
  • duration of treatment program
  • your state of residence
  • referral requirements
  • staying in-network vs. out-of-network 

Rehab Programs Eligible For Cigna Coverage

Addiction treatment is offered at multiple levels of care. The level of care you or a loved one needs will depend on the severity of the illness and other personal factors.

Based on medical necessity, Cigna health plans do offer full or partial coverage for a wide range of substance abuse and mental health treatments, including for help for alcohol and opioid abuse.

Does Cigna Cover Detox Programs?

Detoxification programs for drug and alcohol dependency may be eligible for full or partial coverage under a Cigna health insurance plan. 

Detox is typically the first step in the addiction recovery process, and is commonly offered as part of an inpatient treatment program or through some outpatient detox centers.

Does Cigna Cover Inpatient Treatment?

Some inpatient substance abuse treatment centers in the United States, as well as residential treatment centers, accept Cigna insurance plans.

Additional copayment or coinsurance requirements for inpatient rehab may apply.

Does Cigna Cover Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs)?

Partial hospitalization programs may be eligible for full or partial coverage under a Cigna plan, based on medical necessity, your plan’s insurance benefits, and other patient criteria.

Does Cigna Cover Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)?

Intensive outpatient treatment for mental health and substance abuse is a covered benefit under some Cigna health plans. You’ll have to check your plan details to confirm.

Does Cigna Cover Drug Counseling?

Individual and group therapy services for drug addiction are typically eligible for coverage under Cigna health plans, although certain requirements for therapy session coverage may apply.

Does Cigna Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-assisted treatment with methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone is a leading treatment for opioid use disorder, and may be eligible for Cigna coverage.

Factors such as your state of residence, your specific plan benefits, your diagnosis, and other factors may affect the overall cost of MAT with a Cigna healthcare plan.

Does Cigna Cover Rehab For Adolescents?

Cigna health plans do offer mental health and substance use benefits that can be used to help cover treatment costs for children and teens with substance abuse issues.

That includes counseling, partial hospitalization, and other inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment options offered through a recovery center or individual provider.

Is Drug Addiction Considered A Pre-Existing Condition?

Addiction can be considered a pre-existing condition

However, under the Affordable Care Act of 2010, insurance companies are no longer allowed to deny a person insurance coverage based solely on the fact that they have a pre-existing condition.

How Much Does Rehab Cost With Cigna Coverage?

The average cost of rehab programs for addiction can vary. 

Without insurance, or sometimes even with insurance, some treatment programs can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

But most insurance providers do offer plans that can fully or partially cover treatment program costs, in some cases dramatically reducing your responsibility for cost coverage.

Find A Treatment Facility That Accepts Cigna Today

Addiction affects millions of families in the United States. Without treatment, addiction can be deadly, and in the meantime, can cause severe harm to health and hurt relationships.

At, we can help by offering insurance verification, explaining your treatment options, and aiding you in finding a rehab center that accepts your insurance.

If you’re ready to find a treatment program for yourself or a loved one that’s covered by Cigna insurance, call our helpline for more information today.

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